Swat vs Terrorists - Original
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Swat vs Terrorists - Original

a TeamDeatchmatch between Swat and Terrorists, a never ending battle! Keep in mind that this is the only original Swat vs Terrorirsts server that has been alive since 2017/2016!!

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Who we are

Swat vs Terrorists - TDM server was Originally found back in 2016-2017, and it is the only original SvT server, by a group of SA-MP Developers/Experienced people, since 2018 the SvT-TDM server has joined to be partner under the AvT:SA-MP Gaming Community. Swat vs Terrorists - TDM is one of the current most popular TDM/COD servers around the San Andreas Multiplayer platform! Managed by highly experienced management team! Swat vs Terrorists server always appreciate the work of the past-leaders and the support of its great players!

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New Server IP!
22nd June, 2020
Recruiting Moderators!
23rd February, 2020